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Artcircle Lelystad presents: The international exhibition of GM- Free art objects and paintings


 Logo; Gentechvrije tuinkabouter met gele kaplaarzen, ontwerp Miep Bos

logo of the exhibition, © Miep Bos.


Hiria Anderson, Nieuw-Zealand I Frans Antonietti, Groot-BrittanniŽ I Leo vd Berg, Texel I Miep Bos, Lelystad I Marie-Christine Dorjee, Lelystad I Iet Eijbersen, Arnhem I Birgit Geesing-Madsen, Denemarken en NL I Anat Groag, Lelystad I Anita de Harde, Lelystad I Hanneke Hollestelle, lelystad I Hanna Hosselet, Leeds I Yoko Kobayashi, USA, I Marie-Therèse Krijger van der Riet, Lelystad I Karel Loman, Ede I Ineke Ludwig- van Leeuwen, Lelystad I Ellen Meijer, Lelystad I Cornelis Monsma, New-Zealand I Wieteke Moody-van Dort, Den Haag I Nathan Roa, New Zealand I Jacoba Schroevers,lelystad I Monica Staples I Karin Starmans, Vlissingen I Bert Steen, Zwanenburg I Emiel Stevenhagen I Frans Verburg, Lelystad

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Next exhibition:

Invitation to the opening of the "Gentechvrije objecten en - schilderijenexpositie" (exhibition of GM- free art objects and paintings) in Gallery Loman, Klinkenbergerweg 1, Ede. The Netherlands,on Saturday, 8th of May 2004. Opening will be held at 16.00 hours, the famous actress Wieteke van Dort will be present and also will be present Jan Storms.

Some early reactions:

The famous artist Ans Markus has wished us a lot of success. The Natuurcollege of the Lippe-Biesterfeld Foundation has wished us a fruitful exhibition, in which artists and others can inspire each other and added, "Our earth needs concerned inhabitants. Thank you for the initiative". Onkruid, New Age magazine, and the magazine ZOZ of "Omslag" published an article on the subject in their Jan/Feb issue. Several newspapers in the Netherlands (Volkskrant, De Provincale Zeeuwse Courant, Haagsche Courant) reported about our exhibition.

The program:


This international exhibition is informative in nature and initiated under the inspiration of artist Miep Bos, representative of Art Circle Lelystad, who has several Internet sites on the subject, it aims to make people aware of GMOs in their food. The exhibition expresses what artists think of GMOs.

The participants prefer organic food. The paintings and art objects are made of GM-free material. The exhibition will be travelling from city to city. This autumn (2004) it will be held in Assen, Drenthe.

Much publicity was involved before and after the opening of the exhibitions, during those openings there often was a Gentech-debate.


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